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Ready to get involved?

Volunteers have the opportunity to provide well-being for our animals which includes, but is not limited to, walking dogs, socializing cats, play time and grooming both cats and dogs, share treats and toys, and the option of assisting with cleaning, laundry and dishes.


You can also volunteer to help at off- site adoptions, community events sponsored by JCAS, fostering and so much more! 


Volunteer Information

If you are interested in volunteering, please stop in to the JCAS to fill out an application, or download one here.  Our volunteer coordinator will review and process your application and contact you to set up a volunteer orientation.  Once your orientation is complete, you are welcome to volunteer in whatever capacity you are able.

*All volunteers must abide by the Jackson County Animal Shelter rules and regulations and are subject to termination for any reasons deemed necessary to uphold our County values.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to Amy Kinder, Marketing and Events Manager at

Foster Information

There are a wide variety of reasons animals need to be placed in foster care. From nursing/pregnant moms to medical foster to puppy/kitten socialization, there’s a foster opportunity for everyone. When you foster an animal(s) for the JCAS, all supplies and medical care are provided. Please keep in mind that foster animals will need quiet, private space away from your house pets. 


Most of our current foster families have pets, but understand the importance of separation. Young puppies and kittens are not fully vaccinated and it’s the best option to keep all the animals healthy. If you are interested in fostering animals for the JCAS, please stop in to fill out an application or download one here.  

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